February 10th 2017

1. Gonzaga Baylor Kansas Villanova
2. Louisville UNC UCLA Arizona

3. Oregon FSU Virginia Kentucky 

4. Duke WestVirginia Wisconsin Cincinnati 

5. Butler Florida SaintMary’s SouthCarolina

6. ND Creighton Purdue Maryland

7. Northwestern Xavier VCU USC

8. MichiganSt. Arkansas SMU Dayton

9. IowaSt. VirginiaTech KansasSt. Cal

10. Marquette TexasTech Syracuse MidTennSt

11. TCU* MiamiFL* WhichitaSt. Minnesota OKSt..* IllionoisSt*

12. UTArlington Akron UNCW Nevada

13. Valpo NMSU Monmouth Vermont

14. ETennSt. Belmont Winthrop Princeton

15. FGCU NDSU Bucknell GeoSouthern

16. FairleighDickinson TexasSouthern SamHoustonSt. NCCU UCIrvine WeberSt.

16 thoughts on “February 10th 2017

  1. Is this a joke? Do you just pull teams out of a hat and place them? Or you like 12 years old? Purdue a 6 seed is a joke. They have a better profiles then South Carolina, St. Marys and Wisconsin, oh and hey they beat Wisconsin head to head. Have a better SOS then Wisconsin and more Top 50 wins then Wisconsin. Give up your bracket, you are polluting the Matrix with this garbage.


    1. Purdue as a 6 is where ESPN has them for one, and also the BIG10 isn’t exactly great this year, their RPI is lower than Wisconsin and Saint Mary’s, should they be a 4 or 5? They could be. And I was gonna move them up to 5 in place of SC… but then they pulled that stunt last night almost losing to Indiana, who isn’t exactly a great team this year.

      My bracket isn’t too different from the matrix, only one I have off by a fair amount is Minnesota by 3 lines.

      Quit polluting my site with garbage like this, just because I have your team a line or two lower than you think they should be, don’t tell me to go quitting this


  2. Almost losing isn’t a criteria for a profile their genius. Oh and here is another nugget of info, conference strength has no effect on seeding. Man learn how they do selections! Purdue also has a better SOS then both Wisconsin/St. Mary’s more Top 50/25 wins then both. Oh and they are ranked 2 spots lower then Wisconsin and one spot lower then St. Mary’s. Basically the same profile with a BETTER SOS. There is also that little thing that Purdue beat Wisconsin handily when they went Head to Head. So again, you hurt the overall matrix when send trash like this to the them.

    And finally, ESPN has them as a 5 seed, so again you’re a dope. Just quit if you aren’t going to learn how to do it right.


    1. Also, the committee has the full ability to move a team off its seed line by 1 spot to fit several criteria in making the bracket (such as like they don’t have rematches in first two rounds) (or you can’t start in a building where you’ve already played 3 games this season) or other several criteria. So you cannot complain about one seed line. It is simply unreasonable. The only teams they don’t move one seed line are the top 8 overall seeds. (Seeds 1&2)


    1. Okay so why are you all pissed at me for having Purdue off by 1 seed? Not the idiot with Lousiville at a 4? Or Gonzaga at a 4? Cincy at 6?
      Purdue is the 3rd 5 on the bracket matrix, being my first 6 isn’t too different. So quit crying that one guy is screwing over your team cause I’m not.

      Some guy has UCLA as a 7. Go waste your time yelling at people that actually have an issue in your bracket.

      Oh and plus, the committee has always done crazy things which make them hard to predict, Purdue could be a 3, they could be a 7. They’re probably a 5 or 6

      You want to yell at me because I forgot to move Arkansas down? Be my guest. That’s my only flaw here


  3. No, your flaw is even producing a bracket and killing the overall quality of what the matrix use to be. To further prove the point that you have no clue what you’re doing, they changed the rule of moving seed lines 4 years ago. FOUR YEARS AGO! So again if you aren’t going to even know the metrics, the rules to do a bracket, stop wasting the Matrix time with this garbage. You are garbage and based on other comments I’ve seen I’m not along in thinking your bracket skills are garbage. JUST QUIT


  4. Your overall bracket is off, horrible and a disgrace. You should quit with doing a bracket. If you feel so disrespected, then stop doing one and that way you don’t have to worry about the critics.


    1. It’s pretty in line with bracket matrix… you’re just pissed your team isn’t where you want them to be. Everyone has critics. I’ve been pretty average over when I’ve done this on bracket matrix, I don’t think that’s bad or a disgrace


  5. How pathetic are you that you feel the need to delete comments that criticize the crap work you put out there. Seriously dude, just sad really


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