February 1st 2017

A couple minor adjustments not due to play and also moved Butler down because play versus Creighton. 

Hesitant to move Creighton up due to injury. Another win will prove to me they belong back on that 3 line

1. Gonzaga Baylor Kansas Villanova

2. Louisville WestVirginia Kentucky Arizona

3. UCLA Wisconsin Virginia Oregon

4. Duke UNC FSU Cincinnati 

5. Butler Maryland SaintMary’s SouthCarolina

6. ND Creighton Purdue Florida

7. Northwestern Xavier VCU USC

8. MichiganSt. Arkansas SMU Dayton

9. IowaSt. VirginiaTech KansasSt. Cal

10. Marquette TexasTech Utah NCState

11. TCU MiamiFL WhichitaSt. Minnesota Indiana IllionoisSt

12. UNCW Akron MiddTennSt Nevada

13. Valpo NMSU Monmouth Vermont

14. ETennSt. Belmont Winthrop Princeton

15. FGCU NDSU Bucknell GeoSouthern

16. FairleighDickinson TexasSouthern SamHoustonSt. NCCU UCIrvine WeberSt.

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