March 4th 2019

  1. Duke Gonzaga Virginia Tennessee
  2. Kentucky UNC MichSt Michigan
  3. LSU Purdue Houston TexasTech
  4. VirginiaTech Wisconsin Maquette IowaSt
  5. Kansas FloridaSt MississippiSt Maryland
  6. Wofford Buffalo Louisville Villanova
  7. KansasSt Nevada Auburn Cincinnati
  8. Baylor OleMiss Iowa Syracuse
  9. Washington NCState Florida VCU
  10. UCF TCU StJohns Oklahoma
  11. Texas Minnesota UtahSt Belmont
  12. Lipscomb MurraySt OhioSt Temple Clemson Alabama
  13. NMSU Yale Vermont OldDominion
  14. Hofstra UCIrvine SDSU Radford
  15. TexasState Montana LayolaChicago NorthernKentuky
  16. Bucknell SHSU NorfolkSt StFrancis(PA) PrarieViewA&M Iona

Thoughts on Georgetown or Indiana maybe moving in anyone?


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