March 10th 2017

1 Villanova Kansas Gonzaga UNC  
2 Oregon UCLA Kentucky Louisville  
3 Butler Duke Baylor Arizona  
4 Florida Florida St NotreDame Cincinnati  
5 Purdue West Virginia Virginia SMU  
6 Creighton Saint Mary’s Iowa St Minnesota  
7 Virginia Tech Maryland Wisconsin Oklahoma St  
8 Dayton Miami South Carolina VCU  
9 Arkansas Northwestern Xavier Michigan  
10 Mid Tenn St. Michigan St. USC WitchitaSt.  
11 Wake Forest Vanderbilt Providence KansasSt. Seton Hall 
12 Marquette IllinoisSt. UNCW Nevada UT Arlington 
13 Iona Princeton ETSU Vermont  
14 Bucknell Winthrop Akron FGCU  
15 Texas Southern N.Kentucky CSU Bakersfield JacksonvilleSt.  
16 SouthDakotaSt. St. New Orleans North Dakota NCCU Mount St Mary’s UC Irvine

7 thoughts on “March 10th 2017

    1. Yes. I completely see why their a 5, I mean an RPI of 23 and an SOS of 61 with 3 sub 100 loses… a BIG12 conference win doesn’t come with wins over Kansas or Baylor… 3 at best if they win their tourney. But even then, I see Iowa St. winning that, I probably have them a little too low, but I was going to do a scrub tomorrow morning anyways.


  1. Seton hall is ranked too low. They will be a 9 seed at worst and possibly a 7 seed at best. No way will they be an 11 seed


  2. Good job with the bracket. As a West Virginia fan I can actually see us as a 5 because of SOS. All of November and December was just an exhibition of bad teams coming to Morgantown to get blown out.


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