February 26th 2017

I know I’m off on a couple teams by a seed line here, like 3-4 seeds and 8-10 seeds. I might continue to edit this list throughout the day

1 Gonzaga Villanova Kansas UNC

2 Louisville Arizona Baylor Oregon

3 Florida West Virginia Kentucky UCLA

4 Cincinnati Duke FSU Butler

5 Purdue Virginia Creighton SMU

6 Minnesota Notre Dame St. Mary’s Xavier

7 IowaSt. Wisconsin South Carolina VCU

8 Oklahoma St. Miami FL Maryland Wichita St.

9 USC Michigan Dayton Virginia Tech

10 Northwestern California Kansas St. TCU

11 Michigan St. Seton Hall Syracuse IllinoisSt. Arkansas Marquette

12 MidTennSt. UNC Wilmington Nevada Akron

13 Belmont UT Arlington Monmouth Vermont

14FGCU UNC Ashville Princeton Valporasio

15 NDSU CSU Bakersfield Furman Bucknell

16 NCCU Weber St. Mount St. Marys UC Davis New Orleans Texas Southern

6 thoughts on “February 26th 2017

    1. Actually 1/4 people on bracket matrix don’t have them in, but yes i realize most of those are older brackets, Providence still has 2 terrible beyond compare losses, Marquette doesn’t. Providence has lost to DePaul and BC, while Marquette hasn’t, their worst loss is St Johns, a loss Providence shares. Plus, out of the two only Marquette has beaten Villanova


      1. RPI: Providence 51, Marquette 72
        Season Series: Providence 2, Marquette 0

        Of 31 brackets updated today, you are one of two that doesn’t have them. So you aren’t alone, I suppose 🙂


      2. I mean you do make a good point, but the committee is in the process of moving away from the RPI, and instead, Kenpom has Marquette 32 and Providence 56. Should providence be in? I’m not sure. Another quality win or a good run in the BE tourney would put them in.


  1. RPI is the only one they’ve said they’ve named that they actually use, and are continuing to use this year. They may make a change next year I’ve heard

    Pomeroy has teams like Clemson 44th and Georgetown 59th, it’s hard to take seriously as a ranking system for a tournament. It’s good data, but rankings are often odd.

    I think if you look at top 50 wins and compare Providence with the other bubble teams, you’ll find what you are looking for.


    1. Providence does have better wins, they also have some of the worst losses a bubble team could have, DePaul and Boston College, it’ll come down to whether the committee puts them in because of quality wins, or keeps them out due to terrible losses. Odds are they win the ones they should from here on out and other teams play themselves off the bubble, but as off now, they’re looking like to me, the #1 seed in the NIT


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