February 5th 2017

There’s only one thing that has been certain everytime a team has taken the court this year. Gonzaga will win. Every trap game, every tough game, they’ve won. The same cannot be said about traditional favorites like Kentucky, Duke, and even Kansas. With Kentucky and Kansas dropping yet another game today, it makes me wonder, is the depth of college basketball growing? Or is the top of cbb losing quality? 

All that can be said with certainty is that March will be hectic, and truly complete madness. (No, this isn’t the year a 16 beats a 1)

I’m curious as to how people view Syracuse, with their win over UVA today, are they worthy of a bid? Let me know with a comment below.

1. Gonzaga Baylor Kansas Villanova

2. Louisville WestVirginia Oregon Arizona

3. UCLA Wisconsin Virginia Kentucky 

4. Duke UNC FSU Cincinnati 

5. Butler Florida SaintMary’s SouthCarolina

6. ND Creighton Purdue Maryland

7. Northwestern Xavier VCU USC

8. MichiganSt. Arkansas SMU Dayton

9. IowaSt. VirginiaTech KansasSt. Cal

10. Marquette TexasTech Utah NCState

11. TCU MiamiFL WhichitaSt. Minnesota UNCW IllionoisSt

12. UTArlington Akron MiddTennSt Nevada

13. Valpo NMSU Monmouth Vermont

14. ETennSt. Belmont Winthrop Princeton

15. FGCU NDSU Bucknell GeoSouthern

16. FairleighDickinson TexasSouthern SamHoustonSt. NCCU UCIrvine WeberSt.

6 thoughts on “February 5th 2017

  1. Pretty amateur bracket. UNC as a 4 seed is a joke. And West Virginia as a 2 seed? Their RPI is like 31. You gotta learn the metrics that the committee uses, bro.


  2. having NC state in??? they are 3-8 and RPI in the 90s, kenpom in the 90s, etc.

    83 of the 84 brackets on bracketmatrix.com have them out, yet you have them not only IN but as a 10 seed.


    1. That pick is based off of the high talent on that team and the high potential it has to rebound in the next month and be the surprise that very few of people on bracket matrix had last year, Syracuse. Remember that not very many people thought they should’ve made the tournament.
      As of right now, I agree their resume is beyond weak, but in the ACC, that team had talent to by March be a 10 seed.


      1. Having perceived talent and potential isn’t criteria for making the tournament. It’s entirely results based. Aside from Dennis Smith, no “talent” or “potential” panned out. Not only are they 3-8 in conference, they are projected to lose all of their remaining games by 5 or more points per Kenpom.


      2. I see your point, and Kenpom is definitely a better measure of how a team is than RPI. Rpi won’t even be used much longer. Hip or kenpom would. And bpi would validate WVU at a 2 seed as of their bpi yesterday


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