Sunday 7th 2021

Hi! This is my first of the year, sorry everyone for not putting anything up yet. Let me know what y’all think!

  1. Gonzaga Michigan Baylor Illinois
  2. Alabama OhioState Houston Iowa
  3. WestVirginia Villanova Arkansas Texas
  4. Purdue Kansas FloridaState OklahomaState
  5. Virginia TexasTech Colorado Creighton
  6. USC BYU Wisconsin VirginiaTech
  7. Tennessee Clemson Florida UConn
  8. SanDiegoState Oregon Loyola-Chicago
  9. Oklahoma Maryland UNC St.Bonaventure
  10. LSU Rutgers Louisville GeorgiaTech
  11. UCLA Drake Xavier VCU
  12. BoiseState* ColoradoState* WichitaState* SetonHall* Winthrop Toledo
  13. WesternKentucky Colgate UCSB MoreheadState
  14. Liberty UNCGreensboro CoastalCarolina SouthDakotaState
  15. AbileneChristian WeberState ClevelandState Siena
  16. GrandCanyon Hartford JamesMadison* Bryant* PVA&M* NCA&T*

*denotes “first four”

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