January 26th 2020


Due to some glaring issues of late, I’m just gonna “hit the reset button” so if your team drops 2 seed lines after beating a ranked team and can’t figure out why I did that, well that’s why. Please let me know if anything is crazy though. I haven’t intended to do anything that’s very against the grain.

  1. Baylor Kansas SanDiegoSt Gonzaga
  2. Butler WestVirginia Duke SetonHall
  3. MichiganSt Villanova Dayton Oregon
  4. Louisville FloridaSt Maryland Kentucky
  5. Arizona Iowa Marquette Creighton
  6. PennSt Colorado Rutgers Wisconsin
  7. Illinois OhioSt Stanford Michigan
  8. Auburn LSU BYU Houston
  9. Purdue Minnesota StMary’s(CA) Indiana
  10. Arkansas TexasTech USC WichitaSt
  11. Memphis NCState EastTennesseeSt VirginiaTech Oklahoma
  12. Florida DePaul Liberty NorthernIowa Yale
  13. Vermont Akron SFA NorthTexas
  14. NMSU WrightSt ArkansasLittleRock William&Mary
  15. Belmont UCIrvine Colgate Montana
  16. Winthrop SDSU Quinnipiac StFrancis(PA) NorfolkSt PrarieViewA&M

First Four Out: VCU Richmond Tennessee Syracuse

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