March 7th 2018

New Bracket Picks

1. Virginia Villanova Xavier Kansas

2. Duke Cincinnati UNC Tennessee

3. Clemson Purdue Auburn Michigan

4. Kentucky WichitaSt MichiganSt TexasTech

5. WestVirginia Gonzaga TexasA&M OhioSt

6. Nevada RhodeIsland MiamiFL Arizona

7. SetonHall Missouri Houston Arkansas

8. Oklahoma Florida Creighton Butler

9. StBonaventure Missouri Alabama Providence

10. MidTennSt Texas USC UCLA

11. NCState FloridaSt VirginiaTech KansasSt* Syracuse*

12. ArizonaSt* StMarys* Buffalo LayolaChicago NMSU

13. MurraySt Vermont LouisianaLafayette SouthDakotaState

14. Montana CofCharleston UNCG Bucknell

15. UCDavis WrightState Penn Iona

16. Lipscomb Radford Hampton* LIUBrooklyn* ArkPineBluff* NichollsSt*

2 thoughts on “March 7th 2018

    1. No, committee has said how important out of conference play is, and VTech is just about as bad as it gets out of conference, plus not even making ACC quarterfinals, Saint Louis loss… they have some quality wins, but definitely some terrible numbers on that resume


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