February 9th 2018

I’ve looked a little closer at certain teams and realized that certain things needed tweaking. I’ll look even closer tonight and have something new by morning.

1. Villanova Virginia Purdue Kansas
2. Xavier Auburn Duke Cincy
3. Clemson OhioState Oklahoma TexasTech
4. RhodeIsland MichiganSt. Tennessee Arizona
5. UNC Kentucky SetonHall WestVirginia
6. Gonzaga WitchitaSt. Nevada Miami
7. SaintMary’s Creighton Florida Butler
8. FloridaSt. ArizonaSt. Louisville Michigan
9. NCState TCU Arkansas Alabama
10. Texas Missouri Providence TexasA&M
11. UCLA Houston VirginiaTech KansasSt. MidTennSt.
12. WesternKentucky BoiseState NMSU ULLafayette Buffalo
13. LayolaChicago ETSU Belmont Vermont
14. SDSU Montana CoCharleston Bucknell
15. WrightState UCSB Rider FGCU
16. SFA Wagner Penn UNCA ArkansasPineBluff NCA&T

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