January 9th 2017

2016-17 bracketology
NC State is getting dropped huge after losing by 51. No tournament team should be losing by 51 regardless the opponent (aside from those poor 16 seeds who are lining up to get slaughtered by the 1 seeds this year) (this year’s 16’s are laughablely bad compared to other years)

Wisconsin drops as their loss to Purdue opened the door ever so slightly for Virginia to jump back up. 

A win by Minnesota wasn’t enough to move up at all seed-wise, but it moves them clearly safe from Bubble talk for now. 


I have Xavier listed twice and using the way I move teams around, it is probable I’m missing someone. Please leave a comment below

1. Villanova Baylor Kansas Gonzaga

2. UCLA Creighton Kentucky Butler

3. Duke Virginia WestVirginia Oregon 

4. Louisville Wisconsin Arizona Xavier

5. UNC FloridaSt. Xavier Purdue

6. Florida Cincy St.Mary’s NotreDame

7. Indiana VirginiaTech USC Minnesota

8. Pittsburgh WakeForest Clemson SMU

9. Maryland Northwestern VCU Dayton

10. IowaSt Miami(FL) NCState TCU

11. SouthCarolina KansasSt. TexasTech SetonHall Arkansas WichitaSt. 

12. MidTennSt NCWillmington Oakland UTArlington

13. Nevada Chattanooga Akron Monmouth

14. NewMexicoSt. TennesseeSt. FGCU Yale

15. Vermont NDSU Winthrop Bucknell

16. EasternWashington TexasSouthern NCCU UCIrvine SamHoustonSt. LIUBrooklyn

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