November 24th Thanksgiving Bracketology

I’m hesitant to make any changes to the 1s yet as Kansas’ loss came to a great Indiana, and Duke’s loss came to Kansas by 2 with their freshman trio out. Otherwise everything is very tentative and certainly not perfect as that would be impossible 5 games in. 

1. Duke Kansas Kentucky Virginia

2. Villanova UNC Xavier Creighton  

3. Wisconsin Louisville Arizona Gonzaga

4. Michigan St. Indiana Purdue Oregon

5. St.Mary’s Maryland Iowa St. West Virginia 

6. Cal Cincy UCLA Texas

7. NC State Dayton Colorado Syracuse 

8. Rhode Island Baylor Oklahoma SetonHall

9. Miami(FL) Florida SMU FloridaSt.

10. USC Butler VirginiaTech VCU

11. SDSU WichitaSt. Washington UConn Clemson

12. Michigan TexasA&M Georgetown Princeton Valporasio

13. Ohio UNCWilmington LongBeachSt Monmouth

14. FGCU StephenFAustin Chattanooga Vermont 

15. TennSt. Lehigh MidTennSt UALittleRock

16. Weber St. Wagner Winthrop Hampton IPFW TexasSouthern

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