January 18th 2016

I will discontinue the naming of conf. champ. for now, just straight seed lines

*= Play in game

Notify me if there are any glaring mistakes (Conference being left out, AP top 25 team left out, etc)

  1. Oklahoma   UNC   Kansas   Villanova
  2. Xavier  Maryland   Iowa   West Virginia
  3. Texas A&M   Michigan St.  Arizona   Virginia
  4. Baylor   Miami(FL)    Providence   Duke
  5. Louisville   Kentucky   South Carolina   Butler
  6. Iowa St.   USC   Purdue   Pittsburgh
  7. Indiana   Oregon St.   Wichita St.   Valparaiso
  8. Notre Dame   Dayton   Saint Mary’s    Gonzaga
  9. Utah   Hawaii   Arkansas Little-Rock   Texas
  10. Texas Tech   Michigan   Clemson   Oregon
  11. California   LSU  Monmouth   Seton Hall*   Florida*
  12. Texas-Arlington    Navy    UCONN    George Washington*   Colorado*
  13. Boise St.   UAB    William&Mary   Akron
  14. Chattanooga   South Dakota State   Stony Brook   Princeton
  15. Belmont    Texas A&M-CC   North Florida    High Point
  16. CSU Bakersfield   Montana   Bucknell*   Hampton*   Wagner*   Texas Southern*

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